Canadian Open Energy (CANOE) Model

We are currently developing the Canadian Open Energy model, using the established Tools for Energy Model Optimization and Analysis (TEMOA) framework. TEMOA is an open-source, bottom-up energy system optimization model for assessing the energy system’s engineering, economic and environmental components from local to global scales. TEMOA is a linear programming, multi-sectoral, capacity expansion model. It is built in Python using Pyomo, and implements Modelling to Generate Alternatives (MGA) to allow exploration of model uncertainty. Our initial work focuses on building basic representations of all sectors (buildings, transportation, industry, electricity) for Ontario and Alberta, with greater depth in transportation and industry, followed by plans to expand to other provinces and to link with existing versions of TEMOA developed for the U.S. (Open Energy Outlook) and Atlantic Canada (Net Zero Atlantic ACES model).

This page is currently under construction. More details coming soon!